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With diagnostic services that include all the of latest state-of-the-art imaging equipment, our physicians have been pioneers
in early detection of heart disease using EBCT heart scans and 64 Slice CT angiography, stress testing and nuclear cardiology.

EBCT Heart Scan

Coronary Calcium Screening using EBCT Heart Scan: at The Dick Butkus Center for Cardiac Testing (formerly OC Vital Imaging) call 714 744-8849 or 1-855-BUTKUSD to schedule an EBCT Heart Scan, Heart and Lung or Full Body Scan (if you are a military veteran, you may be entitled for a free heart scan)

What is an EBCT Heart Scan?

“The single most accurate test to predict heart attack risk”

One out of four Americans will die from heart disease. Wouldn’t you take 10 minutes — the amount of time needed to have a Heart Scan — to ensure that you don’t become part of this statistic?

Electron Beam Computed Tomography (EBCT), also referred to as an "ultrafast CT," is a type of high-speed CT scan designed to detect plaque in the coronary arteries. Doctors use EBCT heart scans to determine if a patient is at risk for a future heart attack. It is the fastest, most accurate and lowest radiation type of CT scanner for coronary calcium. It is the “gold standard” for coronary calcium screening.

EBCT is painless and takes approximately 10 minutes. During the scan, the patient lies on a scanner table while an electron beam sweeps from behind the heart at an extremely high speed, literally freezing images of the moving heart. The detection of calcium deposits using EBCT is fast and accurate while radiation exposure to the body is very low.

It is important to detect coronary calcium or plaque as early as possible so medical treatment can be started to prevent advanced disease that may lead to a heart attack or the need for coronary bypass surgery. With early detection of calcified plaque, patients can modify their risk factors to reduce — and sometimes eliminate — their chance of a developing advanced heart disease.

The latest clinical research shows that coronary calcium detected by EBCT can predict a person's risk for heart attack more so than traditional risk factors, carotid intimal thickness, hsCrp or brachial forearm blood flow. This holds true for both men and women. It is truly the “mammogram of the heart”.

Guidelines for EBCT Heart Scanning

A man older than 35, or a woman older than 40, with at least one of the following risk factors:

  • High total cholesterol
  • Low HDL (low good cholesterol) and normal total cholesterol
  • Family history of heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Tobacco use
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Steroid use

About the Dick Butkus Center for Cardiac Screening:

The new Dick Butkus Cardiac Screening Center is at the same location as the former OC Vital Imaging Center. Dr. Santora was the medical director of OC Vital Imaging since 1999. He has been involved with cardiac CT and EBCT coronary calcium screening since that time. He is board certified in cardiac CT and is now medical director of the Dick Butkus Center.

St. Joseph Hospital now owns and operates the EBCT scanning services as part of its new comprehensive Heart And Vascular Wellness and Prevention Center in the same location. The Dick Butkus Center is now part of this new wellness center. The center also includes The Womans Heart Center, and Cardiac Rehabilitation. The beautiful center has been extensively renovated and is now open for patients.

As medical director, I assure we maintain highest quality processes for Heart, Heart and Lung and Full Body scans and will continue to provide an outstanding experience for you, our patients. I welcome you to tour our new beautiful center. If you have had a prior EBCT scan at OC Vital Imaging, those results are still available for comparison at the new Dick Butkus Center. The same great location, the same great experience you had at OC Vital Imaging is still available at the new center. While you are at our office or at the Dick Butkus Center, ask about a copy of our book, “The OC Cure for Heart Disease” co-authored by Dr. Santora, Dick Butkus, and Dr. Steve Armentrout.

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